Author Topic: Poll Question: Do you think e-bikes should be licensed?  (Read 48588 times)

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Re: Poll Question: Do you think e-bikes should be licensed?
« Reply #30 on: July 27, 2015, 03:47:23 PM »
My letter to the Editior at the Windsor Star: This Poll is tainted by the prejudicial nature of the article that announces the issue, which clearly presents electric bikes and their riders in a negative light. Your publications fails to provide a counter argument and is thus more a personal rant than true journalism. None the less, the poll thus far clearly shows the public is against requiring more regulations, licenses and insurance on e-bikes which is encouraging. Ontario as usual leads the way with anal regulation loving complainers who want more rules and restrictions on everything, which has made it the most over regulated rule laden Province in Canada with the most flow busting, passive aggressive drivers in all of North America! Lighten Up Windsor Star, nowhere else in the world requires these sorts on bans and crackdown laws, and they are doing just fine.

The Poll is now 65 % against!

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Re: Poll Question: Do you think e-bikes should be licensed?
« Reply #31 on: October 03, 2015, 07:46:25 PM »
We must also include electric wheelchairs and mobility vehicles, because those are also "unlicensed, their drivers are uninsured and it’s not uncommon to find them in the middle of the road, or cruising down a city sidewalk".

It probably won't be too long before being allowed to walk or run in any public place becomes an offence while using any form of electrical assistance, so those at risk of being caught will have to make sure they switch off their pacemakers (or remove them completely) before venturing out, or face prosecution....

Actually we are already at many of these places/outcomes...

For example the city I live in bans any wheeled vehicles from public paths, sidewalks, etc. The province left it to the municipalities to decide how to address vehicles in their regions.

As a result in many places in Canada, it is illegal to use a mobility device for legitimate needs... Technically the province, says in such cases, I'm supposed to be a pedestrian on the roadway (facing traffic, on shoulder, etc.)

But even then municipalities can say that vehicles not approved to operate on public highways can't be used on roadways...  Thus the moment I wheel out of my home, I'm automatically a criminal no matter what I do...

It's more frustrating when cops stop me to lecture me on being on the roads & breaking the law & how I should be on the sidewalk... How can you be a cop & know nothing of the law you enforce?

I always carry a copy of the ministry of transportation laws saying I'm supposed to be on the road but if the cops a jerk, he will pull out the municipal laws that say otherwise & seemingly trump provincial law because of these fence riding idiots!

As if that's not bad enough, if I take my meds as prescribed, in ways that make me functional & are otherwise lawful; then dare to use my powerchair to have any mobility & not be bed/floor-bound...

I'm also automatically a criminal, even if in my own home, not moving & just in the chair to lessen my suffering... I am a criminal without any rights or freedoms & subject to harsh, cruel, unusual & abusive punishments!

Don't misunderstand me, I do not support impaired driving & I don't care if it's a result of fatigue, stress, drugs, alcohol, distractions, illness, disabilities, etc!

But the reality is, if I didn't take my meds, I would have zero function & I would be impaired! But because I take meds that effect others differently then me, I'm assumed to be impaired when I am actually not!

Besides which, I self regulate, if I can't focus wholly on driving, then I don't go out & drive, no matter what is or isn't in my system! Heck, I voluntarily surrendered my drivers license without having to because I knew I was not safe to drive! That's despite that everyone who knew me swore I was the best, most responsible driver they knew of!

It didn't matter to me, I was not going to put other people in danger just to get my thrills as a driver!

When the time came that I needed a powerchair, I demanded a comprehensive physiological assessment of my abilities to prove I could safely operate it! I also demanded & paid out of my own pocket for a special kill switch/sensor that can tell when I'm not safe to operate it & not allow it to be used!

Yet I am penalized because of my attention to detail! However the blind mother (not a mom or even a women) who ran me down while speeding & then fled the scene, abandoning me to my fate! This blind guy who still had his license because his doctor was too afraid to stand up to him & do his job! Then when he finally was brought before the courts, because he's rich, he sole punishment was he was not allowed to continue driving!!!

Did I miss something? Since when are blind people who can't see a giant brightly lit/decorated powerchair, giant orange/white service dog & person in daylight, allowed to be driving in the 1st place!

What kind of punishment is that? You are not allowed to drive but you drive & your punishment for driving when not allowed to drive is your told you can't keep driving? Obviously they don't care that we say they can't drive, because they continue driving none the less!

He destroyed my life & took away everything I had but he does not even get a slap on the wrist because he's rich?

It's the same with these people who continue to drink & drive despite countless charges & convictions for drink driving! Then they leave the courthouse with a slap on the wrist & get in their cars to drive down to the bar from the courthouse! When is enough, enough?

Yet, they are so obsessed with the disabled touching a drop of alcohol or people who care about the environment, choosing to be the example/ stimulus for change the world desperately needs?

Is it perhaps that their guilty conscience won't let them sleep easy! Perhaps, they hope that if they remove all those pesky reminders of their own malfeasance & corruption, they will be able to ignore the tell-tale heartbeat of their own guilty conscience?!?


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Re: Poll Question: Do you think e-bikes should be licensed?
« Reply #32 on: December 18, 2015, 10:29:46 PM »
Licensesing an e-bike is just the first step towards taxing them as well as cars and motorbikes.
In my country (Denmark) ebikes must stop adding power above 25 km/h only have 250w and only work if pedals moves, above that its considered a moped which has to be licensed, insurance etc, if it goes past 30 km/h you need a drivers license which you can only get when turned 18 and only drive on road, not on bikepath, if it goes past 45 km/h it is considered a motorbike, which also adds full taxation (180% of vehicle price) totally lunacy as its still only a bike.
Normal bikes don't apply these rules, you can drive 60 km/h on bikepath with no helmet among other bikes going 20 legally?
Why don't common sense rule? You cant buy a car which is unable to break every speedlimit, still its not illegal to own and drive them, only to break the speedlimit, shouldnt it be the same for ebikes?
I find it hard to apply to rules who does not make sense.
Just my 1/50 $ :-)

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Re: Poll Question: Do you think e-bikes should be licensed?
« Reply #33 on: December 03, 2017, 06:13:03 PM »
I don't agree, and I don't even think the current speed limit for E bikes is proper. They should split E bikes into two different categories. The large Ebikes that look more like a scooter, I can see the speed limit. They are heavy, and if they someone or something. They can cause quite a bit of damage... However, a regular mountain bike or hybrid bike with a E kit put on it, is still a bike at the end of the day. You remove the kit, or the battery dies and it still functions, like a normal bike mostly.. Aside from it being much heavier than the average bike. Bikes with E kits on them are called Pedelec in Toronto. I have a road bike, and with the proper wind conditions, I can get the bike up to 30-35kph and keep it at that speed. If I have a strong tail wind, I can mantain a speed of 40-45 kph... How is this any different than a pedelec ? The only real difference, is it's lighter and doesn't have a battery on the back end.

A pedelec (from pedal electric cycle) is a bicycle where the rider's pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor; thus it is a type of low-powered e-bike. However, unlike some other types of e-bikes, pedelecs are classified as conventional bicycles in many countries by road authorities rather than as a type of electric moped. Pedelecs include an electronic controller which cuts power to the motor when the rider is not pedalling or when a certain speed – usually 25 km/h (16 mph) – is reached. Pedelecs are useful for people who ride in hilly areas or in strong headwinds. While a pedelec can be any type of bicycle, a pedelec city bike is very common. A conventional bicycle can be converted to a pedelec with the addition of the necessary parts, i.e. motor, battery etc.