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Rear Wheel Conversion Kit Available Now!

Front Wheel Motor Drawing      Rear Wheel Motor Drawing

Bike Conversion Kit Installation Instructions Link

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Front Wheel e-Bike Conversion Kit
  • Product code: BCK-26-0819 (The kit includes a 26" motorized wheel,
    lead acid battery charger,battery level indicator,power braker,motor controller,speed throttle)
  • Price: $289.00/Set (Free Shipping)
  • Quiet and Reliable Brushless Gearless Hub Motor (HBS-36)
  • Motor Specifications: 36Vdc,500W(Peak 700W),320rpm
  • High Motor Efficiency: >80%
  • Other Wheel Sizes 28", 24", 20", 18", 16" are available for email order
  • 24V/250W/250RPM version are available via email order
  • Speed: 0-36kpm Hub Width: 85mm (for front wheel fork)
  • Reinforced rim and tire special for e-bike
  • Box Dimensions (Front Wheel Kit): 66cm X 66cm X 19cm, Kit Gross Weight: 11Kg
  • Box Dimensions (Rear Wheel Kit): 66cm X 66cm X 22cm, Kit Gross Weight: 11.5Kg
  • Free Download (PDF Format): 1.Motor Performance (HBS-36) 2.Motor Wiring Diagram
  • Free Download (jpg Format): HBS Front Wheel Motor Drawing      HBS Rear Wheel Motor Drawing
  • Bike Conversion Kit Assembly Online Instructions by Patrick Eberhart
  • Conversion kit assembly manual (zipped).zip

    Other e-Bike Accessories

    Regenerative Braking Controllers Available Now!

    Product code: BAC-0200 Price: $78.00/Set
    Comments from pilot user

    Integrated Thumb Type Throttle

    Product code: BAC-0100 Price: $8.00/Set

  • Product code: BAC-0011 Price: $8.00/Set
  • Product code: BAC-0012 Price: $6.00/Set
  • Product code: BAC-0028 Price: $19.00/Set
  • Product code: BAC-0041 Price: $10.00/Set

    Pedelec System -- motor works only when you are pedaling

    Product code: PED-0001 Price: $12.00/Set

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