Author Topic: intermittent powerloss on a MPII  (Read 153 times)

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intermittent powerloss on a MPII
« on: July 10, 2019, 12:40:28 PM »
 I want to hear what you people think: is the BMS or is it the controller ?

I have had a MPII ( I think ) with an external controller  and a 15 Ah Ping battery see this tread :

 Last year my BMS was replaced with this The Specs are here

I have only managed 150 km and have lost all power on 6 occasions.  Sometimes after a bump in the road - Unfortunately, I haven’t had a multimeter when cycling. No fuse has ever blown, I have Anderson plugs and am used to have some arcing when engaging them. In these instances- no arcing, and if I disengage the battery’s internal 16 pin contact  and reconnect it  power have returned on most occasions.  I am thinking cold solder or lose connection within the battery making the BMS cut out- but want to check through the rest of the cabling as well
-  Is there any other thing I should do such as measuring throttle - brakes etc. ?
I have been looking tru my wire harness and it is worn´- I will order a new one from GM Canada