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MP5 permanent reverse
« on: June 19, 2016, 03:06:51 PM »
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I have a trike with 2 drive wheels in the rear... Im looking for a solution to  permanently reverse one of the drive wheels roation (so they both spin forwards)
I have brand new mp5 vector internal controlers in then, any solutions?
I read somewhere on this forum that if I swap the green and yellow phase wires over (and the green and yellow hall sensor wires as well) where they are soldered onto the controller board it will  permanently reverse the standard direction of the wheel... Is this correct

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Re: MP5 permanent reverse
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2016, 11:59:24 PM »
Hi andto the forum.

Back in 2014, I noticed that as the cruise control function only worked in the forward direction (cruise could not be engaged while the motor was running in reverse after connecting the blue and black wires together).
I realised this could be a problem where two motors had to run continually in opposite directions, as in a car or trike etc.

The obvious solution was to reverse the direction of one of the motors by swapping two of the Phase and Hall wires.

I was not sure if this would still work with the newer vector controllers, so I contacted GM to find out:

Quote from:  Bikemad's email to GM
Is it still possible to reverse the direction of the motor by swapping phase wires and hall sensor wires around so that the cruise control can still be used, or would this technique not work properly with the MP4 and SP4 vector controllers?

Quote from:  GM's reply
Yes, you can swap phase wires to reverse the motor but only one direction can have cruise function.

On the Magic Pie 5, the Blue and Yellow Phase wires and the Green and Yellow Hall sensor wires need to be swapped to reverse the motor's default direction.

Please check out this thread on Endless-Sphere for more information if you find it doesn't work as expected.

If the correct wires are swapped, it should allow the cruise function (and the regenerative braking) to operate on both motors while travelling in the forward direction, and it should also allow both motors to be reversed by simply connecting both pairs of Black and Blue wires together simultaneously using a single switch if the reverse function is required.

Please let us know if it was successful at the first attempt, or whether a slightly different sequence of Hall sensor wires was required.


EDIT: Phase wire colours updated.
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