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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #30 on: December 12, 2012, 02:28:47 PM »
Hi there

I use 43 pcs of Magic Pie (1 x MP2 3 x MP3).

 :) POSITIVE 1 :) :
Integrated controller and a good user interface of the programming software makes it easy to use.

 :) POSITIVE 2 :) :
Torque is quiet good for a ungeared motor.

 >:( NEGATIVE 1 >:( :
My 20 Inch MP3 was one of the first delivered. Andy Zhang from Golden Motor confirmed me, that there where some of the early pcs whose where delivered with a controller of max 25 amps continous. Then Johnson Liu (also from Golden Motor) told me, that it is not possible and why I note believe him. But I can't believe when I have the facts in front of me! So I had to order a new controller to use the MP4 on 30 amps. That's really NOT OK!!!

 >:( NEGATIVE 2 >:( :
Paint of the 20 inch wheel was miserably! Therefore I get discount for two 26 inch wheels.

 >:( NEGATIVE 3 >:( :
Slow and bad communication. I feel not taken seriously by GM!

I really hope I will make better experiences in the future! But maybe not possible with emploiees like that!

In good hope I wish you a merry christmas.


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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #31 on: May 21, 2014, 09:08:45 PM »

Weel was nor aligned, had to painfully adjust spokes. Even afte there is a small bump noticeable when breaking.

Programming cable was broken, had to be replaced.


Would like black plasric box for batteries wirh built in charger.

Also better deals on batteries

Faster shipment, sentral dealer in Europe

Better installation manual, better statement that torque bars are needed over 250W

Torque bars should be included


Most enviromental and fun transport that exist

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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #32 on: July 09, 2014, 02:35:18 PM »
The only bad thing with my mp3 ( 16" frount wheel) its out of center by 10-15mm
which wasn't said on the website :'(

other than that its awsome

It would be nice to offer a extension lead for the main harness in a variety of sizes
for scooter and trike users
 and allso a plug on the battery lead like the mp2
(I ended up fitting a anderson conector to mine)

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A good review and feedback, MP3
« Reply #33 on: January 24, 2015, 01:24:08 PM »
Okay, got my rear MP III today in a C700 rim. :D

Programming: No problem this time  :) Used Windows 8.1. Downloaded software from some site in Canada?  :P

(Why not enclose the software on a memory stick with Golden Motor logo?)

Set down the amp to max. 25 in order to save my battery.

Installation: Fitted perfectly with regards to gears and 160mm brake disk, no adjustment or spacers needed  :)

Testing: Bad weather now with rain so using the car  ;)

Packaging and finish was excellent. Wheel was nicely balanced and installed, no issues. Good work.

Connected my two headlamps to the free wire red and black, now I got a light switch on my handle bar!

Cruise control works sweet.

Used white Vaseline inside contacts to avoid water ingress, also used white Vaseline on all treads.

Just be careful when tightening bolts and nuts if you use an aluminum frame, not to much not too little. Both is wrong.

This was my 2nd build, from before I have the MP2 that also works well.

Have posted a picture in the show-off section.

Would like to recommend the MP III rear to everybody considering an electrical motor for their bicycle  :)

(Should have added this to the feedback tread, but now I can't remove it...  ::))
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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #34 on: September 15, 2015, 01:41:35 PM »
Hi I got the MP4, I used to have a china hub motor so I got a good insight of both


The wires, they are really long. It'd be great if we had a junction box as part of the kit so we could shorten them easily.

The spokes, I don't like them. I think it'd be better to have ticker one's like the ones on a 125 dirt bike or better again to have no spokes at all. But this maybe a kickback to my time with the Chinese E-hub. The spoke alignment was not true and the spokes would break off a lot.

The PAS wire. I don't like the location of it.

no 12v line. this would really help with getting lights and a horn as most devices are 12v's.

The 48v horn/light that is sold by golden motors is awful, It sound like the game "operation" It's embarrassing to use it. Replace it with a klaxon, That'll make everyone jump.

Availability. This is a big issue if your not in North America. I'm in Ireland and I've never seen one over here apart from my own. (Holland) and (Lithuania) were the only 2 re-sellers I found that were not ripping everyone off like the guy on ebay in France. FYI I went with miromax and they rock.

Upgrades. I got the MP4 but now I want the MP5, I've been tested and they said there's nothing wrong with me, But clearly there is.


Bearings upgrade, Not that I'm having a bearings problem, but at the time of buying it'd be good if we could get the option of a upgrade
Better links on the website to Re-sellers around Europe.
12v line.
better cable management solution.
Thicker spokes or the spokes gone altogether.

free hat?


I love it. I will be getting the MP5 for my next build.

I use it to get to work 16km each way, takes me 30 min's or less, takes 45 min's in a car and 75 min's on the bus. the car and bus are off peek times too, But my MP is 30 mins regardless.

Also the MP is getting me into cycling for real. I've got a second Road bike for Fridays to get my fitness up.

She loves having the car when I'm at work.

The casting on the hub is sexy.

The wires and are good but the connections are great.

The forums, The people on these forums are a great help.

Packaging was better than the Chinese. But so was everything about the MP4.

It's so quite. the Chinese one was so loud, it sounds like it was winding up or something

I can't go back. getting to work is fun. But I do worry about the smug cloud and the effects on the environment  ;D
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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #35 on: October 01, 2016, 05:46:29 PM »
I rate my experience as excellent = proud to be MP owner. BUT the problems I have with breaking spokes is annoying.

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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #36 on: September 14, 2018, 02:55:57 PM »
I live in the mountains of Norway with hard weather conditions. From the MP3 to the MP4. No problems. Fast delivery,
Very easy "hook up" (no ext controller with complicated wires). Took a severe beating (gravel roads with lots of pot holes in the summer and meter deep snow with minus 30 Celsius). I even easily sold the bikes after each season to buy the upgraded kit. I would say the quality (especially with the "upgraded harness") and ease of installing is far superior to any other direct drive system. It is the bike tour royale. I tried it on a bike with dual dampening (shocks in the back), this did not work well, better off with a center drive system. A better connection plug for the lights/horn is needed (not everyone is a maverick with the soldering iron).

A set-up with the engine AND the battery in the back (rear hub drive & rear rack)
with 48v 1000w, the front wheel will easily lift when you gun the throttle. This set up also yield a high center of gravity
(unless you do a "gary" config Chopper style with two brick batteries hanging low on each side of the rear wheel).
A better selection of down-tube batteries that ship world wide is a must! Better balance better ride.
Finding the required 25A discharge battery seems impossible.
With the MP5 build I decided to buy a 36v set-up (the 50kmh with the 48v set-up is a bit much on a bike).
Due to an accident with a shipped battery on a plane somewhere in 2016, my motor got here but the battery did not.
It is still a pain to get a battery shipped to Norway. Shipping a battery back to china is impossible.

I finally got the battery. but after installing it all with torque arms etc, the system was dead, no BAC display etc.
GM China says: I had to reprogram the controller for 36v (it comes default 48v from factory). Ok so I try do do that.
But since the system is dead I can not connect to the controller. Since the battery show 5 red dots, GM China says: controller dead, need new controller. So I get a new one (with blu-tooth). Getting the old controller out is a pain (heat
the outer ring gently with a hair dryer), I figured it was a threaded connection and turned the controller, resulting in
a ripped out HAL and spade connections. Just wiggle it gently straight up. This connection could use a revamp.

Then "we" conclude the battery must be dead since the new controller does not fire up. I buy another 36v battery
locally, the controller fires up (now with the fabulous app on my Samsung 6S). Now I can make my bike go from
off-road to legal 25km limit on the fly :) - Getting the new controller into this very tight fit motor "hole" proved to be
a major pain, much worse than getting the old one out. Even after watching Gary`s videos I managed to break one
of the spade tabs on the controller while forcing it in.

Since "customer support" is reduced to forums and help from peers (as is with most companies these days),
GM China stopped answering my e-mails when I asked if it was possible to solder the tab back on to the new controller.
The weird thing is that this forum does not appear to have a link on their website?

 I solder the tab back on, put it all together, the app says "Hall protection", no motor function. The solder did not hold.
For kicks I try the old controller, now it works... programming vise. Not on the bike. Now I have to dismantle everything again to check the phase wire connections to the controller.

Be prepared to fiddle with it. All in all, despite having to make your own plug for lights it is far better than having to
configure external controllers + the hassle of  wires everywhere. Keeping my fingers crossed, maybe with Alans help I`ll get this build done before the snow starts falling, just in time to put on snow tires.

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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #37 on: December 04, 2020, 01:27:29 PM »
The Bluetooth android app is useless, it only connects on older android devices, anything from android 10 & above doesn't work at all - the Bluetooth won't connect. GM need to spend a bit of time updating their app & make it available on the play store - that way customers know the software is legit & up to date.

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Re: Feedback on Magic Pie
« Reply #38 on: July 11, 2021, 03:02:57 AM »

    Update ... I ride every day 5.6 miles for exercise and to keep me from "Locking up" ..I have bad Arthritis ..cannot walk much but the ride is 40 minutes of pure joy ..Sometimes I go 2 times a day ..Anyhow the front Magic Pie 1000 watt motor with the 52 volt battery has never let me down .. I set the cruise control to where I can Petal comfortably at 9-11 mph and just cruise along .. It's nice knowing I do have some power to get out of the way if I need to ...I am totally happy with all the products I have bought 3 Magic Pie setups ..and never a problem from them ..