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Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Hugh on Yesterday at 08:12:14 PM »
Good eye, I was trying to open up the motor and had removed that clip for the attempt. It was put back on right after. Everything seemed so tight that not wanting to break anything all the screws, etc were put back. You are right about the grooves from the disc brake screws. When I first bought the motor last year I ran it with the trike on stands for maybe 4 or 5 minutes. As soon as I noticed the screws washers were placed under them and about 2 months ago the proper shorter screws were ordered and installed.
The 3 wires are fully and properly seated on the terminals at the controller, I triple checked that as soon as the new controller was installed. Per your info that just leaves the internal hall sensors.
Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Bikemad on Yesterday at 03:03:14 PM »
Hugh, I have just been studying your previous photo and it looks as if the disc mounting bolts are too long and the ends of the bolts appear to have been rubbing against the ribbed cover, causing the visible circular (arc shaped) gouges:

Although the binding bolts would produce a certain amount of unwanted friction when the motor rotates,

Placing washers under the heads of the six disc mounting bolts should cure the binding problem, but I'm not convinced that this is the entire cause of your problems.  :-\

When the motor does not run without first being spun, it is usually because the external controller is running in sensorless mode. (later internal controllers don't appear to have a sensorless mode.)
The external controllers will automatically switch to sensorless mode if they detect abnormal Hall Sensor input signals. This could be due to a failed Hall Sensor, or a break/poor connection somewhere in the Hall Sensor wiring.
The controller should automatically revert to sensor controlled mode once the cause of the abnormal Hall Sensor input has been rectified.

Ensure that the Hall Sensor connector is fully seated into the controller and then check the voltages (relative to the Black Hall Sensor wire) on each of the Yellow, Green and Blue Hall sensor wires to see if they continually alternate between 0V and ~5V when the wheel is rotated slowly by hand.
Take a look at this post and this video for more details on testing the operation of the hall sensors.

Also check that the three Phase connectors are tight and pushed fully onto their corresponding terminals (Yellow Wire -> Yellow terminal, Blue wire -> Blue terminal and Green wire -> Green terminal).

I am also concerned that the retaining clip that holds the cable against the axle is missing in your photo,:

Without this clip, the cable can rub against the inner edge of the disc mounting assembly and eventually chaff through the wires.  :o

A suitable tie wrap (zip tie) can be used if you no longer have the original retaining clip, but check carefully for any visible signs of damage to the cable before fitting the tie wrap.

Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Hugh on Yesterday at 01:44:07 PM »
Actually the folks at golden have been quite helpful, so no complaints about them. When I replaced the controller the motor turned on but differently than before.  Originally when the Grin twist throttle was used from a full stop the motor would engage instantly. When the new controller was installed I had to give the wheel a spin with my foot (this with the trike on jackstands) to get the motor to engage.
Then I decided to take it out for a ride and there was still a knocking type of noise from the motor itself and I could feel the resistance the motor had to turning. I thought maybe my disc brake mount could be the culprit so I removed the caliper, and the motor still had that internal noise. Note the noise is barely audible with the trike on stands but with a riders weight it is loud enough that someone standing nearby can hear it. The last reply on the ticket system asked for a video of the motor running but I am unable to provide that.
So I'm convinced there is something out of place internally in the motor housing that is rubbing. If I can figure out how to take the motor apart to look at it I might do so but I really don't want to throw any more money at this thing. I currently have one BBSHD equipped fatbike thats been running reliably for over 6 years summer and winter, another BBS02 equipped delta trike also running great for several years. This MP motor has let me down twice now, the first was my fault for not noticing spokes loosening. On that one I learned how to respoke and true a wheel so that turned out okay but this time I'm stumped.
Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Bikemad on Yesterday at 12:35:24 PM »
Hi Hugh,

Have you been able to sort the problem via the ticket process, and if so, what was the cause?

Regarding your "bypassed controller", it looks to me as if your motor might be a MPIIIx which may have replaced the older MP2x:

Your motor appears to have the later finned heatsink cover (but without any internal circuit board and electronics) similar to this pre-production version of the MPIIIx which used the original plain/smooth controller cover:

Is your wiring and external controller similar to that shown above?

General Discussions / Re: Bafang BBS02 B with seized nylon gear on steel pinion
« Last post by Bikemad on October 05, 2022, 10:46:59 AM »
Hi Attila andto the forum.

The Bafang mid drive motors are not produced/manufactured by Golden Motor, and I have no personal experience with them, therefore it is difficult to give any advice other than suggesting that you either contact the seller directly (if it is still under warranty) or try asking on the Endless-Sphere forum for further information and assistance with the repair.

Above is a picture showing the various components of a Bafang mid drive motor assembly, which might be useful.


P.S. I found this disassembly video and this common fault video which should also help.

General Discussions / Bafang BBS02 B with seized nylon gear on steel pinion
« Last post by Attila on October 01, 2022, 11:38:51 PM »
Bafang BBS02 B

Has anyone stuggled to remove the nylon gear off the pinion?

I have already had to destroy the pinion bearing that had seized to the pinion and came out of the cover plate where it is usually housed. I now will likely need to destroy the nylon gear to get it out. The bearings inside the gear don't spin so the nylon gear is fixed to the pinion and needs to be replaced. I am pretty sure it's supposed to turn in one direction and not in the other. Ripping it out is going to be hard (Dremel tool, drill, prying, lots of tears I suspect).

If anyone has any suggestions on how to remove it I would love to hear them.

There gear and pinion are still in the frame because there is no way to remove the steel pinion from the other side.

Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Hugh on October 01, 2022, 05:46:22 PM »
Well the motor does turn so the controller works but something is wrong internally. Last night the wiring to the controller was tidied up and with zip ties the wires were fastened so as not to allow any movement. Today Oct 1 was a good day for a test run to the grocery store. The motor has  some initial resistance before starting and once underway makes a considerable knocking noise. It doesn't make that noise when the wheel is off the ground but with me in the seat ie weight on the wheel it is unrideable. Also noticed that previously even from a standstill the twist throttle would engage the motor, now you need to pedal to get the wheel turning before the throttle will work.
By unrideable I mean a loud knocking from the motor and I can feel the resistance as if some internal piece is rubbing. I only did a few circles around my garage because I did not want the new controller to malfunction.
I had opened a ticket and sent a couple pictures of the wheel and they replied it looked like my wheel has an internal controller, they thought someone had bypassed it to hook up the external controller. I know when I ordered it I asked for a Magic Pie motor with an external controller.
Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Bikemad on September 30, 2022, 11:34:50 PM »
Hi Hugh,

It's good to hear that you've got your trike working again.
Fortunately for you, it's a lot easier to replace an external controller.  ;)

If a MOSFET fails in a short circuit state with an internal controller, you can't easily unplug the three Phase wires to allow the wheel to turn easily again and continue riding using just pedal power.  :(

Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Hugh on September 30, 2022, 01:43:57 PM »
Bikemad, you were right about the controller. I have been busy but swapped in the new one last night and the motor works again.
Magic Pie & Smart Pie Discussions / Re: motor died
« Last post by Hugh on September 23, 2022, 01:46:59 PM »
In the "ticket" system the good folks at GM sent me a link to a video showing how to test the mosfets in the controller. I did that and promptly ordered a replacement controller. Once it arrives the roof which had to be removed to fit the trike in my truck will be reinstalled, the front vent area will be closed due to the weather turning colder and it will be ready to ride again. Fingers crossed.
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