Author Topic: External Controller markings.  (Read 855 times)

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External Controller markings.
« on: November 22, 2023, 12:33:00 AM »
I have the first generation PI (external controller) with the second generation controller
(The silver one.)

I was under the impression that it adapted to the voltage you started with.

The one I am replacing it says MX-S-SW24, does that mean it's a 24v controller
instead of the 36v one?

I don't want to burn it out on the first try.

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Re: External Controller markings.
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2023, 02:00:39 AM »
I'm not sure if MX-S-SW24 denotes the default voltage setting or not, but the BAC-281 external controllers can all operate on 24V, 36V or 48V, so you will not burn out the controller.

If it's programmed for 24V and you run it on a 36V battery it should still work fine. Many users deliberately set the battery voltage setting to 24V when using 36V or 48V batteries because it seems to produce more torque.