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Throttle rewiring instructions are not clear
« on: September 05, 2023, 12:25:49 AM »
Im converting an ATV to electric. Im new to this but ordered the 10kW kit to make it go. Unfortunately the throttle comes with a plug that doesnt fit the connector from the controller. Yes, there is a video that sorta explains how to re-wire this, but it does not explain what to do if you have a contactor in the mix. The video explains that we can just wire red to red, green to green and white to white.
Except there is no white wire coming from the controller. There is a white and black wire, but no indication which one to use.

the other problem is that the wiring diagram is not at all clear how to wire the Power wire from the controller to the key or the contactor. The video explains we should stick a wire in the plug to make that connection (and this should not be something the customer has to do), but it says nothing about how to connect the wire that branches off the power wire to the contactor. This branching wire ends in a terminal loop that does not fit on the large contactor post, so I naturally put it on the small post, which it is too big for!
After moving this wire back and forth, and moving the black and white wires back and forth, and readjusting the copper wires I stuck in the key plug, I finally got a "beep" from the motor. One single beep, then a series of more rapid beeps. But no throttle.
So more moving wires and checking connections and I got a single beep, but no throttle working.

So I don't know whats wrong, but I really feel we could all save much time and frustration if we took the time to do a video that explains how to make the kits you sell work - including the contactor, and the key. It would also be a big step in the right direction if the kits had the correct plugs so newbies like me didnt have to spend a frustrating afternoon fruitlessly experimenting.

Now I have everything "perfect" but the motor doesnt spin.

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Re: Throttle rewiring instructions are not clear
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2023, 08:11:10 PM »
Hi andto the forum.

Please note that this forum is not frequented by GM sales personnel and is mainly overseen by myself (A GM customer just like you) and I am not involved with selling kits.  ;)

The contactor will not operate and the motor will not spin if you have not wired in a switch for the e-lock function (or temporarily bypassed the switch using a paper clip etc. pushed into the e-lock connector.)
If you've used a plastic coated paper clip, make sure the ends are stripped back to bare metal where it pushes into the e-lock connector.

Unfortunately, you haven't mentioned which controller you are using so I don't know if it's a HPC500, a VEC500 or one of the many EZkontrol Controllers that GM China are currently selling.

However, as you've mentioned the beeps, I suspect it could be a VEC500 controller, in which case you will need to count the number of consecutive regular beeps that are/were being continually repeated to determine what the fault code is.
The beeps are usually accompanied by a flashing LED on the controller, and here is a list of faults associated with the different number of beeps/flashes:
 The LED on the controller circuit board emits a single flash when initially powered up (Simple LED test)
  1 regular flash indicates Over Voltage Protection - Battery voltage is higher than default value
  2 regular flashes indicates Under Voltage Protection - Battery voltage is lower than default value
  3 regular flashes indicates Motor over current protection - Motor phase is short-circuit or phase to ground is short-circuit
  4 regular flashes indicates Stall Protection activated - motor has been stalled longer than set stall time
  5 regular flashes indicates Hall sensor input is abnormal - Failed Hall Sensor (or Hall Sensor connector not connected)
  6 regular flashes indicates MOSFET protection - MOSFET self-checking is abnormal
  7 regular flashes indicates a Phase Wire is disconnected
  8 not listed
  9 not listed
 10 regular flashes indicates Self-checking error protection - System internal power-on self-checking is abnormal
 11 regular flashes indicates controller Overheating
 12 regular flashes indicates abnormal throttle signal (signal voltage is outside of working range)
 13 regular flashes indicates Motor over-heat protection (Motor temperature is higher than set safe value)
 14 regular flashes indicates Throttle is not in the idle state when system is powered on.
 15 regular flashes indicates brakes applied (or brake switch/wiring fault)
 16 regular flashes indicates the controller is in programming mode? (USB Cable attached?)
Continuous flashes at 1 second intervals may indicate that the Throttle voltage range protection has been disabled.

Here are both wiring diagrams for the 10kW motor and VEC500 controller showing it with and without the contactor:

Click image to see full size version.

If you have the USB programming lead, make sure that the Throttle mode selection is set to 1:linear and the Speed throttle type is set to 0:Hall effect throttle and then see if the motor works properly after disconnecting the USB programming lead and turning the battery power Off and On again.

If everything checks out OK but the motor still refuses to run, I suggest that you contact your supplier for further assistance with your problem.


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Re: Throttle rewiring instructions are not clear
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2023, 07:51:55 PM »
Thank you Alan, much appreciated info!
The trouble I had is that the wires are not properly color coded in the video instructions. I eventually figured out that the black wire needs to be connected to the white wire, not black to black, white to white as the video instructions state.
Wouldnt it be much easier for all involved if they simply put the right plugs on the wires before sending it out? I cant imagine spending $3000 on any electrical device and having it show up with a tiny kit so I can finish up wiring it! :-)

I am working with the Vec500 and also a contactor. Unfortunately even after getting the wires figured out and getting the motor running I couldnt even get a beep out of it when I re-wired with the contactor in the loop. Ive carefully gone over it step by step but still may have done something wrong. Rewiring without the contactor and the motor works again.