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Adding avatars, attaching files and posting pictures
« on: September 30, 2011, 01:28:52 PM »
Quote from:  a PM I received earlier today
Please can you tell me how to add a picture in your profile?
and then how you can add a picture in the discussion?

Rather than just reply to the PM, I thought it would be better to post this information for all to see:

First of all I should point out that all new members will be unable to edit their profile until they have been confirmed as non-spammers. Unfortunately this restriction was necessary to prevent the excessive amount of spam links being added to Fake members profiles!
If you are not a recent member, but still cannot edit your profile, let me know via PM and I'll try and find out why.

To add an avatar (profile picture) simply go to your Profile and then click on the Forum Profile Information link in the Modify Profile section.

Forum Profile Information enables you to enter optional personal details such as gender, birth-date, location, website and instant messenger contact information. It's also where you go to enter your own personal text and signature and select an avatar (personal picture) from a list, upload a photo or link to one of your own on the web.

Avatars are typically 160 pixels high and 120 pixels wide and can be uploaded directly from your computer, or you can use the URL from pictures already stored on your preferred photo hosting site, BUT NOT PHOTOBUCKET, if you have photos already uploaded there.

The easiest way to "add a picture in the dicussion" or upload a file is by attaching them at the very end of your posts, click the Additional Options... link and then the "Choose File" button and then browse to the specific file on your computer.
Click (more attachments) to add up to 4 photos/files max:

The maximum total attachment size per post is 4096KB, but the maximum individual file size has increased to 2048KB.

To insert pictures within the text of a post, you must first upload the pictures to a suitable picture hosting site like etc.(I stopped using Photobucket after I received a ransom demand of $399 per year via email with no advanced warning) and then you can simply copy the IMG code and paste it into your post in the required position.
Images from websites that allow hotlinking can also be inserted by copying the direct URL for the image and pasting it within the "IMG" tags as shown in this example:

Code: [Select]

The above code displays the image shown below:

Hopefully, you should now be able to upload an avatar, attach files and add pictures to your posts.

If you have any problems or queries, please let me know.

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