Author Topic: Are you banned from using this forum?  (Read 20408 times)

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Are you banned from using this forum?
« on: June 20, 2010, 02:26:35 AM »
If you've logged in OK, then there's no need for you to read this post.

As the crack down on "spam members" continues, there is a slight possibility that some of you could be prevented from logging in to the forum.
Although it's extremely unlikely, if a spammer has been banned while using a false IP address which just happened to be the same as yours, then you may be unable to register or log in.

So if you're not an automated spammer, and you're getting a message like "you are banned from using this forum!", please let me know so I can investigate the reason. 
Please email me and include a brief description of your problem, along with your Username, the email address you registered with, and your external (public) IP address, which should be visible below:

If you cannot see the above image displaying your IP address please please click here and copy the IP address into the email if necessary.
It would also be helpful to know when you first experienced this problem.

I'm hoping that I won't actually receive many emails in response to this post. ;)

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